12 Things to Remember When Planning Your Wedding

Hey guys, welcome back to The Couples Blog. Are you all ready for Valentine’s Day on Friday? If not, check out mine and Dalton’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guides for some last-minute gift options. In the spirit of all the love going around, I am back with another love induced post for February. Today, I will be talking about some of the tips/regrets we had while planning our wedding. Some of these tips we used while planning our wedding but also, some of these regrets are some personal struggles we want you to avoid. No time to waste while planning this, so let’s jump right in!

Bride and groom photo
Photo by Sara @ Sara Diana Photography

1. Enjoy the moment

This is number one for a reason as it is by far the most important tip I can give you. Someone along the way drilled this into my head, and I am so happy they did. Stop and enjoy the moment! Trust me, this day will go by so quickly. Cherish every second with all the people who are most important to you. Enjoy the moments that are perfect and the moments that go wrong. There isn’t anything you can change at this point, so embrace your day.

2. Take a quiet moment for the two of you

When I say take some quiet time, I do not mean when you go to take your photos just the two of you. This quiet time should just be the two of you embracing in the journey you are about to embark on. Dalton and I had a couple moments like this near the end. However, I wish we had allotted time to capture that moment with him.

3. Wear comfy shoes

This was a hack I took advantage of. I knew I did not want to wear heels, although that is an unpopular opinion. I bought premium white leather ballet flats on Etsy, all the way from Germany. They were the perfect shoe to wear as they are a beautiful ballet flat but did not hurt my feet at all. If you are planning to purchase these, I walked around in my house for over a week to stretch them out before the wedding.

Bride getting ready for wedding
Photo by Sara @ Sara Diana Photography

4. Not having two dresses

I never thought I would be typing this, but things change once the moment has come and gone. A second dress would have made all the difference, and I wish that I had gotten one. Not terribly expensive, just a simple bridal dress for later on in the night. Do not get me wrong I absolutely loved my wedding dress. It was the perfect balance of sexy and elegant. However, as you can see in the pictures while beautiful as it was, it was also long with no tear-away train. Everyone, including myself, stepped on my dress and don’t even get me started on trying to go to the ladies. Buy a cheap second dress, you won’t regret it. 

5. Listening too much to other people

I tried to take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt and really stay true to our vision. However, being who I am, I let people’s opinions way too heavily on me. Especially when picking out my wedding dress. Please only bring a few people to pick your dress. I’m sure you’ve heard of “too many cooks in the kitchen.” That’s what my wedding dress shopping experience was like. I brought 7 people with me, and it was too many people and opinions. In the end, I got the wedding dress of my dreams, but it ended up being a bit more stressful than I had imagined. Stay true to YOU and what YOU want for YOUR special day.

6. Use email to send save-the-dates and invitations

This was a money-saving hack that worked out beautifully for us. Snail mail to send out the invitations is a way of the past. Start a wedding website! There are so many out there to choose from; The Knot, WeddingWire, etc. We ended up making our own, but that’s just because Dalton loves anything tech-related. Send out your save-the-dates via email as well as your invitations. They are relatively easy to design and customize to add a personal touch, rather than simple text. The RSVP can be linked to your website and voila everything is done without a single stamp. Another little hack that we did. We printed 20 of our invitations out using Vista Print; we then sent them to the wedding party, grandparents and parents. This was a sentimental touch for the people who would want a physical copy.

7. DIY! Decorations are expensive

Hiring someone to decorate your venue can be very costly. I’ve heard it’s not uncommon for centrepieces to cost upwards of $300 per table. So my advice is to do-it-yourself as much as you can. We ended up going with a rustic theme for our wedding, and we DIYed all of our centrepieces ourselves. It cost us less than $50 per table, and they were so beautiful.

Wedding centrepiece
Photo by Kristen @ Golden Birch Photography

8. Opt for an all-inclusive venue

This was the best decision we made. It ended up being more money per person but included a lot of the items we would need to rent or purchase anyways. When I say all-inclusive, I mean the venue gives you stuff like table linens, fine china, cutlery, use of their sound system, use of their coordinator, etc. Having these things included in the cost of the venue was so helpful. It made it a lot less stressful for Dalton and me to know that the venue was not only providing these things, they would also set them up and take them down.

9. Set yourself up for success

Don’t leave everything to the night before or even the week before. It will be a stressful time no matter what. Try to make it a little easier on yourself. Have a timeline, planning everything out from the beginning to at least 6 months before your wedding date. The more you plan and are prepared for things, the less likely something will go awry. Do not get me wrong, some things will inevitably go wrong (they always do). I left my handwritten vows in the hotel room with no keycard on me. Stressful? Yes, but did it get worked out in the end. My coordinator was amazing and printed them from my phone. Everything will work out in the end, it always does but try to be ahead of it if you can. 

First wedding dance
Photo by Sara @ Sara Diana Photography


This was probably my biggest struggle. We had a very specific vision for our special day, so I was horrible at giving tasks to other people to help me. I have a mild case of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I like things done a certain way. Eventually, I became overwhelmed with all the duties it takes to plan a wedding. I quickly learned it does take a village and you physically can not do everything yourself. We are so thankful to both of our moms and our bridal party for their hard work.

11. Eat the morning of your wedding

I know the nerves will be getting the best of you, but please eat something. It’s crazy how quickly something like eating slips your mind when it’s chaotic and busy. Take that time to get something in your belly, even if it is early in the morning. It’s a long day, and if dinner isn’t until 6pm (like mine), you will be thanking me you had that extra avocado toast at breakfast.


This is another unbelievably important one; that is why I left it until the end to stick in your mind. Please do not rush, especially if you do not have to. The adrenaline will hit you, and you’ll get into panic mode (I sure did). After everyone was ready and pictures were done, I immediately thought we needed to rush to the venue. I ended up forgetting essential things (my handwritten vows) because I was rushing for no reason. If you feel that way, take a breath and check in with your bridal party. What time do you have to be there? What time is it now? Can you just relax and take in the moment? Double-check everything before you leave!

Bride and groom photo
Photo by Kristen @ Golden Birch Photography

Those are all my tips/regrets I had while planning our wedding and looking back at it now that it is over. I hope you got something out of this, even if it is just one tip that can help you, I am happy. Comment below some tips, hacks or regrets you have or have found. Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you all next week with yet another love post.

Much love,

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