20 TV Shows for Couples

Hey guys, welcome back! I am back with another quarantine themed post to help you get through this rough time. Dalton’s got you covered with the food (if you missed his grilled cheese post check it out) and I have you covered with the entertainment. Today, I want to share our favourite TV shows to watch together. I do want to give a slight disclaimer to people who love fantasy shows, I am not a huge fan of these types of shows and neither is Dalton so this category will not be included. Sorry in advance if this is your favourite genre. That being said keep reading for some great ideas to binge-watch together.


Entourage: This is an amazing HBO show that consists of 8 seasons and a movie. It follows the life of a movie star and his friends.

Suits: This show was one that Dalton and I came across and fell in love with immediately. It follows the life of a genius and a highly recognized New York lawyer. Their dynamic really makes the show work.

Atypical: This Netflix drama didn’t seem like something Dalton and I would love at the first. However, as the story progressed we really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. This show follows the life of a young man with autism, how he copes and lives his life. 


Big Mouth: This is a hilarious Netflix show that took both Dalton and me by surprise. Don’t be fooled by the cute animation as it is a filthy and hilarious show. It follows a young boy and his friends through the struggle of puberty.

Modern Family: We love this lighthearted show. It has many seasons to binge-watch on the couch together. It follows 1 extended family that is very colourful and hilarious.

Silicon Valley: This HBO show is a new one for us. We have been enjoying it so far. It is based around the technology industry and one group of up and coming tech gurus.


The Circle USA: A new addition to the reality TV series line up but quickly became a favourite of ours. It’s a Netflix original that is an experiment all about social media.

The Challenge: I would say that this is probably our overall favourite show. We actually bonded over The Challenge when we first met and binge-watched an entire season together. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a MTV original which takes you on a wild journey into a house with some of the most athletic, dramatic and intense people.

Big Brother Canada: I’ve always been obsessed with reality TV and I’ve definitely rubbed off on Dalton. Big Brother Canada hits home for us as it is obviously Canadian and is filmed in Toronto. 


Boy Meets World: The Challenge may be our favourite show together but this was Dalton’s favourite show from a very young age. I remember watching it with him for the first time. It’s beautiful when you get to share a part of your partner’s past. I always loved Boy Meets World but I love it even more because my hubby loves it so much.

8 Simple Rules: This show doesn’t have a lot of seasons as the main character tragically passed away. It was a beloved show by both Dalton and me as kids. 

Friends: “…the one where everyone loves friends.” I mean it’s now a classic show that everyone loves. Its lighthearted, funny and everyone can relate. If you haven’t seen even an episode of Friends you must live under a rock.  

His Honourable Mentions

Ballers: As a big sports fan (especially football) and having a business background, Ballers is a dual-threat to watch. This show is focused on the world of a sports agent, managing the egos and drama that come with their athletes.

The 100: This show takes a futuristic/Sci-Fi twist on humankind. In an attempt to save the human race, residents of the Ark must return to what they assumed was a barren Earth.

Arrow: Superhero fans will enjoy this one. The main character, Oliver Queen is a hooded vigilante, dedicated to protecting his city.

Futurama: The crude humour (similar to that of Family Guy or The Simpsons) creates a snicker-filled 30 minutes. Growing up, this would have been on the ‘unapproved’ TV show list but that didn’t stop 10-year-old me from watching it.

Her Honourable Mentions

Grey’s Anatomy: Anyone who knows me knows I am definitely obsessed with this show. I have watched it through and through 5 times. The crazy thing is I would take on the task again tomorrow and would still cry at all the sad parts. Grey’s Anatomy is a medical, drama show that takes you through the different and challenging lives of surgeons. 

Sex and the City: I believe every girl in her 20’s should watch Sex and the City at least once. It’s a timeless story of friends and love in New York City.

One Tree Hill: A show that I grew up with. It’s a show that I have watched over and over and I still can see 14 years old me all wrapped up in Peyton’s every tragic word. It’s your normal teenage drama show but something about it hits home for me. 

You: Another new addition within the last couple of years. I was quickly submerged into the story behind YOU. It’s an ‘on the edge of your seat’ type of show. Netflix really hit it out of the park in my opinion with this one. 

I’ve always been a TV show fanatic, so this was an exciting post for me to share with you guys. I truly hope you found your next binge-worthy show. If you haven’t done so yet get your submissions in for our giveaway! There are daily entries available, so signup now! That’s all for me this week, I hope everyone is staying in, staying safe and healthy. I will talk to all of you next week.

Much love,

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