2020 March Value PC Builds

This post is for those of you looking to purchase a new PC. Especially those of you who need to replace the PC that you have been hanging onto since 2008. Today I bring you two PC builds for March 2020, focusing around performance vs. price. I have broken down an AMD and Intel build separately depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Keep reading to find out what are the best PC builds for your hard-earned dollar!

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AMD Build

2020 March AMD Value Build Amazon List2020 March Value PC Builds


  • More than $100 cheaper than Intel build. If you are trying to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a strict budget, AMD will likely be the best way to go.
  • Ryzen 5 comes with a decent cooler (no need to purchase one if not overclocking), saving you a few dollars to put elsewhere if needed.
  • AMD is typically better suited for gaming.


  • Power efficiency is a concern. Total coming in at about 424W which is significantly higher than the Intel build below (higher electricity bill).
  • Slightly slower build compared to Intel build but essentially on par when comparing performance/price.
  • Older generation AMD Ryzen CPU. The 3600X is currently running for $292.06. Spending the extra $80 will give you about a 15% increase in CPU performance.

Intel + NVIDIA Build

2020 March Intel Value Build List2020 March Value PC Builds


  • More power-efficient than the AMD build, coming in at about 309W (lower electricity bill).
  • With the power-efficiency, Intel and NVIDIA will run cooler than the AMD counterparts, minimizing throttling due to overheating.
  • Intel is typically better for workstation programs (photo/video editing)


  • Intel and NVIDIA are typically more expensive than AMD when looking at performance/price.
  • Only 4GB of RAM on GTX 1650 Super which could impact performance in more demanding games.
  • Intel doesn’t include a stock cooler with the 9600K. Not only is the CPU more expensive than the Ryzen 5 2600X, but you will need to drop a few dollars on a cooler.

Depending on what you will be using your PC for will determine which build will be better suited. The short answer is to go the AMD build for gaming and the Intel build if using it for work/business. If you are using the AMD build for gaming, you are likely better swapping the RX 580 for the GTX 1650 Super as it is a little cheaper for slightly better performance. I included the RX 580 in the first build to keep it AMD head-to-toe (just for you AMD lovers out there).

If you have other recommendations on PC value builds, please comment below what you think!

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