2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Man

Valentine’s Day is approaching (rather quickly). I had a few people ask me over the last couple weeks, “what should I get my boyfriend/husband for Valentine’s Day?” So it got me thinking… I should post a gift guide! So for all of you love birds out there, here is the 2020 Valentine’s Day gift guide for your man.

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V-Day Gift Idea 1: New wallet


Every man needs a wallet. But for some, that wallet needs to be thin and versatile. I don’t like a wallet that is bulky. I only keep my essentials on me anyways (driver’s license, health card, debit and credit card). Here are some of the best-rated wallets available on Amazon.

V-Day Gift Idea 2: Beard survival kit

Some of you may encourage your man to keep their beard (including my wife). The problem with a full beard is that it can get out of hand very quickly. Sometimes I wake up in the morning trying to figure out how my beard has more of a ‘bedhead’ than my head itself. A beard survival kit will help your man keep those hairs in check. If he already has some products, you can complete your own beard package with individual items. I personally recommend Rocky Mountain’s sandalwood line. It has a natural scent and not overpowering.

V-Day Gift Idea 3: Puzzle storage system

I think this one is really cool! Think about those rainy/snowy days where you don’t want to go out. But you want to spend time with your man and do something fun. Why not do a puzzle? One problem I always had with puzzles was that it took over your dining room table for a week. With the storage system above, you can easily move your puzzle out of the way without losing progress. Additionally, it has drawers built-in so that you can keep those pieces organized. The cherry on top is that it is borderless on two sides. Making it easy to slide off the final product.

V-Day Gift Idea 4: Green thumb's dream

If your man has a green thumb, you can make it grow with planting kits. These little pots are relatively low maintenance and provide a variety of uses. You can easily use them as decor for the home or a way to improve your planting skills.

V-Day Gift Idea 5: It's game time!

There is a gamer in almost every man and coming from someone who enjoys gaming every now and then, the worst thing is when that wireless controller dies! Having a spare can be a lifesaver (meant literally in gaming terms). Sometimes your man is gaming without headphones resulting in his game being louder than the TV show you are watching. A wireless headset will not only make your man happy to connect with his friends online, but you will be able to enjoy your show in peace!

V-Day Gift Idea 6: Get cozy together

Imagine getting comfortable in bed as you start to get tired. But also imagine it feeling a bit colder than you would like. Wouldn’t it be handy to solve that without getting up? Well, there are several ways you can do that. There is one priceless way that I’m sure you can think of, but I am talking tangible gift ideas here! Get yourself a throw blanket to snuggle under. If you own your own home, take a look at the Nest thermostat (we love it, by the way)! Not only will you be able to change the house temperature wherever you are, but it will also help you save a few dollars on that utility bill as well!

V-Day Gift Idea 7: Get yourself a handyman

Speaking of homeowners, you can nicely ask your man to be handy around the house. After recently fixing our 15-year-old dryer for $20 (rather than dropping $1,000 for a new one), not only is my wallet happier, but I feel like I can fix anything! It can be tough to be a handyman if you don’t know how to fix things or lack the tools to do so. I have been slowly building my collection of tools as I need them for different projects, and I am finding myself reusing a lot of them!

V-Day Gift Idea 8: For the man always on the go

Nowadays, our smartphones often carry more utility and relevant data than our computers. Email, text, navigation, social media, the list goes on. Portable chargers are very affordable and often allow you to charge your devices several times. If your man uses their smartphone for navigation while driving, get them the magnetic car mount (Brit and I have been using the one linked above for years).

V-Day Gift Idea 9: Cooking like a chef

Tired of eating the same meals every week? Give your man some inspiration to broaden his cooking horizons. From breakfast to dinner, easy to difficult, I’m confident you will find something new and to your liking!

V-Day Gift Idea 10: Get ready for game night

Game nights are fun because there are so many things you can do, such as do a puzzle or play video games like mentioned above. But sometimes you may want to go old school and whip out the card/board games. If you wish to enjoy a game night alone or with friends, take a look at some of our favourite games!

2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Wrap-Up

That wraps it up for the 2020 Valentine’s Day gift guide for your man. I tried to include different ideas, considering that every man is different. Although some of the products listed may very well be commonly used for most men. There are some of my favourite things in this list including the Nest Thermostat and the ‘100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know’ book.

Make sure to add your ideas in the comments below and as always, we encourage you to contact us with questions and future post ideas!

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