40 Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home

As many of you are likely experiencing, we are currently in a time where our days are spent a little different than normal. With federal governments closing borders, suggesting non-essential businesses to close and enforcing social distancing, you may find yourself bored at home. If that is the case, we got you covered! To keep spirits positive, I bring you things to do when you are bored at home!

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10 Captivating Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home

  1. Start a movie marathon. Brit and I have done a Harry Potter marathon several times. For those of you who are into Marvel, check out the chronological order to watch your favourite Marvel movies.
  2. Start an Instagram page for your pet. Catch them doing tricks, looking goofy or just being cute.
  3. Write love notes for your significant other. Hide them around the house for an additional surprise!
  4. Watch your favourite YouTubers.
  5. Facetime your close friends or family.
  6. Get out your craft supplies and build something using only your imagination.
  7. Make a bucket list with your significant other. Brit recently posted 30 things to do before she is 30, check it out for some ideas.
  8. Take selfies. Have some fun with them. If you feel comfortable, share them on social media.
  9. Plan your dream wedding/honeymoon. Brit previously shared some of our takeaways after experiencing our own. Take a look at our wedding and honeymoon guides.
  10. Sing and/or dance to your favourite songs. You don’t need to be in the shower to jam to your favourite tunes!

10 Adventurous Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home

  1. Start a blog. Brit and I started this blog as another way to bond, as well as share some of our ideas to support our readers. Contact us if you have any questions!
  2. Plan an itinerary for your next trip. Roadtrip, all-inclusive, Europe, whatever you fancy.
  3. Try a new recipe. Now is the perfect time to broaden your cooking skills. To give you some inspiration, Nashville hot chicken and oven-baked ribs are some of our favourites.
  4. Find a new podcast. Brit loves her podcasts on Spotify. Here are some of the top podcasts on Spotify right now!
  5. Social distancing can be difficult at times but why not reach out to your friends/family whom you haven’t seen in a while. Or try something very different and have a first date via video chat!
  6. Spice up your living space by rearranging your furniture and decor.
  7. Put together a vision board. Check out this guide on how to get started.
  8. Plan a virtual game night. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, doesn’t matter! Get some of your gamer friends together and hash it out on your favourite platforms.
  9. Teach yourself a new language. I personally like using Duolingo as it is easy to follow, interactive and tailored to beginners.
  10. Write a book. Whether your self-publish, share with friends/family or keep to yourself, this is a great way to channel your inner thoughts and creativity.

10 Relieving Things to Do When You are Bored at Home

  1. Draw a picture. Use Google, Instagram, Pinterest or your own photos for inspiration.
  2. Learn to do yoga/meditation (many tutorials found on YouTube).
  3. Write in a journal. Check out Brit’s post on 30 things to do before 30. #11 talks about her journal.
  4. Start reading a new book. There are many bestselling books (paperback, audio and e-books) available on Amazon.
  5. Listen to new music on your favourite platform. Brit and I love Spotify. Here is our wedding playlist.
  6. Binge-watch your favourite show(s) on Netflix.
  7. Rummage through some of your old photos/videos. Brit catches me watching our wedding videos sometimes.
  8. Bake your favourite snacks/desserts. Brit and I made these awesome banana chocolate chip muffins with this recipe.
  9. Watch the sunset or sunrise. Depending on your home you can do it from your backyard, front porch or even bedroom if you are lucky.
  10. Write a letter to your future self. This can include reminders, advice, goals, etc. Give yourself something to look forward to when you go to open it.

10 Effective Things to Do When You are Bored at Home

  1. Organize a room or rooms in your home. Take the time to go through things you don’t use anymore and feel free to donate them to your favourite charity or those in need!
  2. Similar to #1 on this list, but this time clean something you haven’t cleaned in a while. Microwave, fridge, oven, doorknobs, even your phone!
  3. Update your resume. Always a good idea to have an updated resume ready for that opportunity you have been waiting for.
  4. Feeding off of #3, research further into your dream job. Focus on the skills or other roles you need to get to where you want to be.
  5. Revisit your budget/finances. Take a look at my budget guide for couples if you need some help.
  6. Enroll in an online course. Try Coursera or Udemy for courses on anything from accounting to zen.
  7. Organize your email inbox. Delete expired promotional emails or setup folders to keep your primary inbox clean.
  8. Think about some of the goals you would like to achieve this year. Brit talked about how to set goals in 2020.
  9. Try a DIY project with your significant other or family. Buzzfeed has some cool ideas.
  10. Focus on completing projects you have started but not quite finished. I am the type of person that likes to start new and exciting projects before finishing the last. Brit always tries to convince me to finish what I already started before moving on (sorry babe)!

If you have any other ideas not listed, feel free to share in the comments below for others to enjoy.

Stay safe and take care!

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