5 Podcasts I Can’t Live Without

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope everyone has been having a great start to November. Here in Canada November brought the first snowfall and I am not ready! So, this week I wanted to take a break from the heavy stuff Dalton and I have been covering lately and talk about my favourite podcasts. Podcasts have quickly become a must-have for me especially at work, it makes my work day go by so much quicker. There are thousands of podcasts out there these days and new ones continue to come out every day. Here is a list of my top 5 favourites that I think you guys will enjoy as well.

1. Canadian True Crime by Kristi Lee

This podcast is number one for a reason it is my all-time favourite podcast since I discovered it about 3 years ago. An Australian-Canadian tells the stories of some of the worst crimes reported in Canada. She has such a soothing, calming voice and she tells every story with class and as much detail as she can find about the cases. If you are a true crime junkie like me I am positive you will love this podcast as much as I do! She has 75 episodes right now so lots of content to binge.

2. Call Her Daddy by Alexandra Cooper

This podcast is one that I discovered this year and have almost binged all 100 episodes. You may recognize this podcast as it was getting a lot of publicity this year. The co-hosts had a very public breakup that gained a lot of attention. Call Her Daddy is a comedy-sex podcast that dives deep into all things sex-related. I love this podcast because it normalizes sex and women speaking out about sex. Alex is a character with so much spunk and enthusiasm, she makes you feel like you are listening to a friend and that’s my favourite part about it!

3. Pretty Basic by Remi Cruz and Alisha Marie

This is a lifestyle podcast that centers on the lives of two large Youtubers Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. These ladies cover all kinds of topics such as mental health, body image, goals and so much more. They are best friends who started this podcast to get more real with their audience. Both of them openly talk about their life struggles in all aspects of life. They are the perfect duo and their energy is contagious. I can’t help but smile when I am listening to Pretty Basic.

4. Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

This was the very first podcast I ever listened to. I have been a huge fan of Kalyn’s for about 5 years. She is a Canadian Youtuber, she actually lived in Toronto (not far from me) until recently. Kalyn’s Coffee Talk is another lifestyle podcast, except that Kalyn dives into deep topics. Kalyn covers all kinds of topics from manifestation, femininity, spirituality and so much more. She is a very spiritual person who feels things very deeply (I relate to her in a lot of ways; she is also a Pisces). Her voice is just so unbelievably calming and soothing. If I am ever feeling anxious or overwhelmed I throw on Kalyn’s Coffee Talk and it instantly relaxes me.

5. Thick and Thin by Katy Bellotte

Yet another lifestyle podcast I think I see a trend starting. I find lifestyle podcasts are relatable to me and my life so I tend to gravitate towards that genre. Katy Bellotte is a Youtuber who used to live in New York City she just recently moved to Los Angeles to start a new adventure. Katy takes you on her everyday life she works as a freelancer and has a lot of other passion projects. Thick and thin is a much more relaxing podcast as Katy has a very calming voice to listen to. She brings in a lot of history and stories into each episode which I really enjoy.  If you are looking for a motivational, inspiring podcast Thick and Thin is definitely for you!

A shortlist of my favourite but they are all podcasts that I have fallen in love with. I hope you guys will take a listen. If you love podcasts as much as I do share some of your favourites below in the comments. I am always in the market for a new listen or if you have a podcast of your own also share below we love to support you guys in your passion projects. That is all from me this week until next week please everyone stay happy, healthy and safe!

Much love,

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