5 Things I Started in 2020 That Changed Me

Happy Thursday. This week I wanted to take a short break from relationship advice and share some things I have implemented this year that have changed me. Everyone knows how challenging 2020 has been for the entire world. Which is actually insane to say… When was the last time something affected the entire world? Nothing in my lifetime! So, with the changes and challenges this year, I implemented 5 things into my life to keep some sort of sanity and better myself. And of course like anything in my life I am here to share those things with you guys!

1. I Started and Kept a Journal

I don’t know how many times I heard how amazing and life-changing it is to keep a journal. Probably hundreds so much so that I actually made it my new year’s resolution. Now, did I document every good and bad day? No, I wrote when I felt like writing and gave myself leniency when I missed days. I think it is important to at least be writing in your journal once a week to check in with yourself. This changed me because it gave me a safe place to say things I maybe didn’t or couldn’t say out loud. It gave me a place to vent and dream.

2. Read a Chapter a Day

I think implementing small manageable goals into your life is much more beneficial than unrealistic, extreme goals. When I started this year I wanted to read a book a month. Now, this doesn’t sound like much but when life gets in the way it can be a larger goal than expected. I found that holding myself to at least a chapter a day was much more manageable and didn’t make me feel so overwhelmed. Have a read 9 books so far this year? No, I didn’t but do I feel good about the amount of reading I did this year? YES!

3. I Started a Gratitude List

As things took a turn this year I found myself being very pessimistic and down especially being trapped inside. Working through this is really important to me because I am normally a pretty optimistic person. I found the best way to combat this was to keep a gratitude list. Every day I made it a habit to write down 3 things I was grateful for that day. I made it a challenge to write something new every day. This really changed my mindset and my attitude about 2020 and the pandemic.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

– Barak Obama

5 things i started in 2020 that changed me

4. I Took a Moment of Silence Each Day

This started around the same time that I started writing a gratitude list. As I said before I was really trying to combat negative feelings and thoughts with everything going on in the world. I took this time to reflect on myself, write out a plan for the day or just simply sit in silence for a minute. My recommendation is to do this in the morning as it is so liberating to start your day this way!

5. I Prioritized My Health

I find it’s not until something terrible happens that you truly look in the mirror and figure out your priorities. 2020 definitely did this for me! I decided while spending an ample amount of time at home that I needed to make a conscious effort to put my body first! I started this by exercising regularly. The secret to continuous working out is to find the exercises you enjoy. Whether that be yoga, HIIT training, running, etc. just find your niche. This will make exercising and taking care of yourself less of a job and more of a hobby/passion. I not only started exercising I started making all meals at home and eating 3 meals a day. Something before 2020 that I barely ever did. With these changes, I have lost 20 pounds since January and feel better than ever!

These are small things that have ended up having a much larger impact on my life than I ever thought they would. So, naturally, I wanted to share it with you guys. If you started something this year that had an impact on your life please comment below, you just might help someone else. I want to also say thank you for following Dalton and me on this journey! We love sharing our thoughts, opinions and lives with you guys. Until next week everyone please stay safe and healthy!

Much love,

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