5 Things to Consider Before Booking your Honeymoon

Another week with yours truly, I missed you guys! Are you having an awesome week so far? I hope so! Another month down in 2020… Time flies when you are having fun. Today, I want to give you some things to consider when planning and booking your honeymoon. This was a decision Dalton and I did not take lightly and want to share some of our process with you. So, if you are thinking about your honeymoon in the next couple of months or planning for the distant future, keep reading!

Excellence el carmen view from room
Excellence el carmen


Hands down the most essential thing to consider before booking is your budget. How much are you going to set aside for this trip of a lifetime? No pressure! We thought carefully and gave ourselves a maximum amount that no matter what, we would not go over. This is a great starting point because you know exactly what you are working with, and both parties agree not to overindulge. Take into consideration where you might want to go and research what an average vacation to that destination would cost you. That way, you and your partner can get an accurate budget started for your honeymoon. Some things to consider when planning the budget is all-inclusive options, meal planning, accommodations, activities, excursions, etc.

Type of Vacation

Now, you must consider what type of vacation you want for your honeymoon. When I say the type of vacation, I mean, do you want to be busy site seeing, learning and immersed in the culture? Or do you want to be lying on a beach, drinking margaritas and reading a good book? I hope for both of your sake that you want that same type of vacation. Dalton and I talked about both options, but after planning our entire wedding, we needed a vacation of relaxation and beach time.

Excellence el carmen
Excellence el carmen
Excellence el carmen

Location and Travel time

This one was difficult for Dalton and I. We went back and forth where we wanted to go. A significant factor that we considered before selecting our location for our honeymoon was the advisories on the Travel Canada website. We want you all to be safe, so please check your government travel advisory before you select your location. Another thing to consider when booking your honeymoon is travel time. How much of your honeymoon do you want to dedicate to travel time? Dalton and I decided we wanted to spend as little time travelling as possible but still be somewhere warm and beachy. In the end, it came down to Mexico and The Dominican Republic, and we decided on the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana, to be exact.

Activities and Excursions

I know as you are reading this, you may disagree with our decision as we ended up not doing any excursions. This could be a huge consideration for your honeymoon. What do you want to see, explore and learn about on your honeymoon? I think even a day of excursions is a great option if you are doing an all-inclusive honeymoon. We have never taken a trip just the two of us, so it was extraordinary to have that alone time.

Excellence el carmen
Excellence el carmen

Make it Luxury

If your budget allows for it, treat yourselves and upgrade your room to the beach view. Get the luxury resort package or honeymoon package for that matter. This was something we did not regret spending the extra money on. It was wonderful to feel like royalty on our honeymoon, and you won’t get another one, so spoil yourselves! We upgraded our seats on the plane, and our room was upgraded by the hotel (so sweet of them). Another thing to keep in mind while packing is to BRING YOUR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE! You may be eligible for a complimentary upgrade or extended package and who doesn’t want to take advantage of where you can, right?!

Those were our considerations for planning our honeymoon. We thought long and hard about where we wanted to go, and we were so happy with our decisions we wanted to share some of them with you. Let us know down below where you are going for your honeymoon or where you went. I can’t believe the next time I will be posting, it will be March! So crazy… I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Much love,

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