5 Tips to Better Understand Your Partner

Happy Thursday! I cannot believe that it is already September, it has been the slowest, yet the fastest year of my life. This week I wanted to share some tips that can help you understand your partner better. Relationships are work no matter the relationship. You must be constantly learning and growing with that person to be in a successful partnership. Here are my 5 tips to better understand your partner. 

Understand Yourself 

The first step is to look inward and understand yourself before trying to understand someone else. I have talked before about how important it is to continuously be working on yourself. No one knows you better than you. What are your dreams, goals and shortcomings? How do you love, communicate and listen? Answering these questions and really get deep with yourself this will set you up to be in a better position to understand your partner.

“Love means really trying to understand your partner and honouring your differences.”

– Andrea Miller

Finding out their love language 

If you haven’t heard there are different types of love languages. Dr. Gary wrote the book “The 5 Love Languages” which breaks down each of the different types of love languages and how to effectively implement them into your relationship. I suggest if you do not know your partner’s love language to take the 5 love languages challenge from the blog On The Brighter Side. Understanding how your partner needs to be loved can make a lasting impact on your relationship. This doesn’t only resonate with romantic relationships you can implement this into all of your relationships.

Open Communication 

As Dalton discussed last week communication in any relationship is vital, especially in a romantic relationship. I use the phrase “I am not a mind reader” all the time. No one is and how is your partner supposed to know how you feel if you do not communicate. It is important to establish an open line of communication from the start.  Having this open communication from the beginning can aid in understanding how and why your partner feels the way they do. Also, when a conflict arises in your relationship you will be able to handle it better if there is a line of open communication.

Listen as Much as You Communicate 

Going off of the last topic it is very important to communicate in a relationship but it is also as important if not more to listen to your partner. I think one of the biggest struggles people face is not being heard. It is easy to get wrapped up in your own life/drama and want to take the spotlight. However, to understand your partner better you must listen and process their feelings, concerns and problems. So, when you ask your partner “how was your day?” make an effort to really listen and ask questions to show them they are being heard and supported.

5 tips to better understand your partner

Perspective is Everything 

When it comes to understanding your partner be patient with them. You both are different people and have different views, thoughts and opinions. You both have been doing things your own way for so long that it can be hard to step back and put yourself in their shoes. Seeing things from someone else’s perspective can change the way you view situations and conflicts. I think adopting this into your relationship can have a lasting positive effect. It’ll in the end help you in understanding your partner if you are constantly looking at things from their perspective.

I hope you will implement these tips into your relationships to better understand the people in your life. Remember that this will not happen overnight and it takes time and effort to deeply understand someone. I am continuously working on myself and better ways to understand and love Dalton. Keep working on your relationships, it really is the best investment of time. That is all for me this week. Everyone, please have a happy and safe long weekend. I will talk to you all next week!

Much love,  

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