5 Travel Tips to Improve Your Experience

Although travelling may be out of the question right now, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for your next getaway. Brit and I have travelled to many places including road trips and internationally. With our experience, we have learned some tips that we will continue to use for our future trips. Here are our 5 travel tips to improve your experience.

Travel Tip #1: Give yourself two extra days

I don’t necessarily mean two extra days on your trip, although if you can afford it, go for it! I’m referring to prep and refresh. Use an extra day off before you leave to prepare accordingly. Make sure you have everything packed and have time to do any last-minute trips to the bank/store. After your vacation is over, give yourself an extra day at home to readjust. Jet lag, eating habit changes and laundry are just a few reasons why an extra day before going back to work will improve your overall travel experience. Plus, there is nothing worse than having your flight delayed and stressing about the fact that you have to be at work at 8 am the next day.


Travel Tip #2: Secure your cash

It is suggested to bring cash with you when you travel, just in case your debit/credit cards get lost or blocked by your bank. But with cash, additional risks are involved such as pickpocketing. Our tip is to secure your cash in different locations. Avoid keeping all of your cash in one place, so that IF you come across a pickpocketer, you won’t lose everything. Some ideas of where to keep cash are room safes, inside pocket of a jacket, in your socks and inside an empty shampoo bottle. Be creative but don’t forget where you put it!

5 travel tips to improve your experience

Travel Tip #3: Offline GPS

Smartphone apps such as Google Maps allows you to save locations on your device for offline use. Although you will need available disk space on your phone, the maps aren’t as large as you would expect. For example, a good chunk of Arizona is about 181MB whereas all of the Dominican Republic is 59MB. Saving offline maps will not only help you get to your destination but prevent you from paying roaming charges on your phone.

Google maps offline

Travel Tip #4: Shoe bags

This is a big tip if you are planning on exploring while travelling. Whether you have hiking boots or sandals for the beach, keeping them in their own bag will prevent the dirt from them getting on your clothes. You don’t need a super fancy bag but anything without holes would be ideal.

5 travel tips to improve your experience

Travel Tip #5: Make sure you have sufficient travel insurance

Travel medical insurance is basically a must. In Canada, we are fortunate to have our healthcare system but other countries won’t necessarily give you free healthcare, even after accidents. A lot of travel-based credit cards provide travel medical insurance for you and your family, but make sure you read through the terms/conditions and purchase extra if you need it.

5 travel tips to improve your experience

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