5 Work From Home Strategies to Increase Productivity

It’s been 5 months since many organizations started sending employees to work from home. Adapting to a brand new environment can be challenging but there are things you can do to simplify your workdays. Pay yourself and keep reading 5 work from home strategies to increase productivity.

Work from home strategies to increase productivity

Work from home routine

Brit has preached routines several times in the past and there is no exception here. Creating a routine for yourself is one of the most effective strategies when working from home. They will help you stay on schedule and committing to something you are comfortable with is much easier than “winging” your day. If you are new to routines, Brit explains how to create a morning routine as well as a night routine.

Create SMART goals for yourself

SMART goals are an effective way to hold yourself accountable for anything you are trying to accomplish. When working from home, your strategy should be to keep yourself on track and minimize distractions. Keeping that in mind, you can create your own SMART goals to increase productivity. The genius acronym stands for the following:

Being very clear on what you are trying to accomplish will set you up for success by minimizing any confusion or distractions that may come your way.

How will you know if you were successful? Having a measurable piece to your goal will give you that finish line to strive for and ensure you know exactly when you have succeeded.

Putting too much on your plate or setting too high of expectations can decrease your motivation and sense of accomplishment. Make sure you are working towards something you are confident you can achieve, even if it means baby steps.

What’s the value of completing a task that isn’t a priority? There may be some but at the same time, your valuable time might be better spent focusing on a different task.

Give yourself a deadline to work with so that you pace yourself accordingly to your goal.

If you need more support, check out Brit’s guide on how to set goals in 2020.

Multitasking can lead to lower productivity

Studies have shown that humans can’t multitask perfectly. The reality is, if we are trying to multitask, our brain ends up focusing more on one task. Referring to SMART goals above, take some time to prioritize the tasks you need to complete. Focus on one thing at a time and you will ensure higher quality of work and increase in overall productivity.

Minimize distractions

From kids to pets and deciding what’s for dinner to online shopping, distractions can easily come up when working from home. To remain productive, finding ways to minimize distractions will be key. Plan your week in advance, arrange childcare if possible and feed/walk your pet before your shift starts.

Take breaks throughout the day

Breaks are essential to keep your mind and body in tiptop shape. Sitting at your desk all day can get exhausting and further reduce productivity. Ideally, you should take 15-minute breaks every hour but of course, your line of work may prevent that. Even 5-10 minutes every hour can make a big difference in increasing your productivity working from home.

Create an ideal office/work space

This is one of the most overlooked strategies when working from home. If you are going to be spending 30% of your day in one room, you might as well put the effort into creating something ideal for you and your job. If you need some inspiration, I shared what’s on my desk some time ago. My desk is more tech-oriented but if elegance is more your thing, check out what’s on my wife’s desk.

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