9 Home Products We Can’t Live Without

Welcome back to another Wednesday post from yours truly. Before I get into today’s topic of conversation, I want to thank every one of you for your continued support on the blog. Dalton and I love sharing our experiences, stories and advice with you guys. If there is ever anything you would like us to dive into please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook or by email. Today, I wanted to shout out some of our favourite household products that we cannot live without. I have done another post very similar to this one with just kitchen essentials check it out if you missed it. This list is going to contain everything from home tech items to outdoor items. Let’s get right into all the wonderful products!

Smart Lock

This one is first on purpose. I think this is my most favourite smart home product that we own. It is a lock that knows when you are home and when you are gone and will unlock and lock accordingly. I know we have all been there struggling to find our keys with groceries in hand. With the smart lock that will no longer be an issue. You can also program the lock to unlock/lock at a certain time every day. If you haven’t tried out a smart lock you are missing out. 

Google Home

I am sure this product needs no introduction. We have at least 6 Google Home assistants in our house (basically one for every room) and it is something we can’t live without. Whether you want some information on the fly or a recipe at the ready, Google Home has you covered. Our Google Homes can also change our thermostat (which I will get into in a moment), turn on and off the lights and play our favourite songs. 

Handheld Steamer

If you are still using a clunky ironing board and an iron throw it away and go pick up a steamer. It will simplify your life so much, I promise. The space factor alone had me buying a handheld steamer. You simply just fill it with water, turn it on, wait for the steam to come out and start steaming. You can have all those wrinkly clothes as good as new in only a few minutes. 

Dyson Vacuum

I am here to tell you that Dyson is not just a hyped-up brand. They work and I would 100% recommend my vacuum to anyone. The fact that I can vacuum my entire main floor on one charge is wonderful. It also has great suction and a swivelled head to get in all those hard to reach areas. It is light and easily portable. Dysons products come with a lot of different attachments for all the household messes.  

Shrinkable Hose

This was a new addition this summer and where has it been my whole life. This hose is magic. It will grow in size when the water is running through it and when the water is drained out and shut off it will shrink back up. This feature is wonderful for storage; no more winding up your hose and it getting all knotted. We would highly recommend and we may even end up buying a second one we love it so much.  

Nest Thermostat

If you have made it this far in the list then I am sure you are seeing a theme here that we love our smart home tech items. This one is no exception. The Nest thermostat is a smart thermostat that you can regulate from just about anywhere. Whether you are out of the country or just at the office you have complete control over the temperature of your house. It is another item that can be programmed to your specific schedule so you never have to be too hot or too cold again.  

Nest Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Have you ever been cooking bacon and there goes your fire alarm? Well with the nest smoke alarm you will never have that problem again. It will let you know when it is about to go off so if something as simple as crispy bacon is happening you can silence the alarm. Don’t worry it will only silence for that specific incident. It gives you a bit of peace of mind as it will always notify you on your phone if something is of concern. It also doubles as a carbon monoxide detector.

Bean Bag Chairs

THE BEST BEAN BAGS EVER!!! We wanted something a little smaller than a couch in our theatre room but also wanted something super comfy. We found these bean bags and they have been the perfect addition to that room. These bean bags are made of foam so they can be moulded and shaped. They also can be taken out of their bean bag cover and convert into the size of a bed (twin, queen and king depending on the size of the bean bag you get). 


I’ve always been a candle person but with all the harsh chemicals being added to candles I had to stop purchasing. However, I still wanted something that would make my house smell good. That’s when I discovered the magic of diffusers and essential oils. There are so many different diffuser and essential oil brands, including several scents to choose from. You only have to purchase the diffuser once and the essential oils last a lot longer than most candles would. A disclaimer please be careful when diffusing certain scents, especially with pets.  

I hope you guys found the next helpful home item to add to your list. If you have any home items you didn’t see on this list that you can’t live without share below. We are always looking for the next gadget to save our lives. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with your favourite couple. I will talk to you all next week, roughly the same time and the same place. 

Much love,  

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