A Message to My Father

Dear Dad,

Today is Father’s Day and unfortunately, we are still in a world of social distancing. But today is still your day.

There are so many great memories I have with you. From playing road hockey to bringing our wedges and golf balls to a field. How about the father-son basketball game at school or going on road trips? Do you remember when we used to go see movies that ended past midnight and we would go get Krispy Kreme donuts afterwards? We have done a lot of fun things together which I will always appreciate. Thank you for being such a fun father.

But it wasn’t always just fun and games. You pushed me to always try my best and give everything my all. Whether it was academics or my career, you taught me to push through the difficult times. I have developed a stronger mindset because of your leadership. Thank you for leading me to where I am today.

Photo by Kristen @ Golden Birch Photography

You used to reinforce the importance of manners and being polite when I was a kid. For so long I wasn’t really sure why I had to be so polite all the time but over the years, I finally got it. They say to respect others the same way you would want to be respected. I was always grateful for everything that was provided to me but it took me a while to learn the impact of a simple thank you. With your guidance, I have learned to be selfless which has resulted in those simple thank yous being given to me. Thank you for teaching me how to be respectful.

Photo by Kristen @ Golden Birch Photography

Thank you, Dad, for everything you have done for me. I could go on forever explaining how grateful I am for the things you have taught me and continue to do so. You are one cool dad that I appreciate and love every single day. Happy Father’s Day.

Love you always,


Photo by Kristen @ Golden Birch Photography

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