Our story

Welcome to The Couples Blog!

Our story

If you are hungry, need relationship advice, interested in tech or want to travel the world... we got you covered!

Dalton, brit and scooby (engagement photos)
Photo by Sara @ Sara Diana Photography

Who the heck are we?

Our story started in 2015 when a mutual friend of ours introduced us to each other. We have been through our fair share of ups and downs, learning how to work as a team, deal with stressful moments in our lives but most importantly grow together.

So, why start a blog?

This blog is a way for us to share our differing interests and experiences with you. It would be selfish to keep what we know to ourselves. How rewarding to know we are making a difference in peoples’ lives by sharing our experiences!

Dalton and brit sharing wedding cake
Photo by Kristen @ Golden Birch Photography

Will I benefit from The Couples Blog?

Well we sure hope so… But to answer that question, let us ask you instead:

  • In a new relationship or planning to get married?
  • Enjoy using tech or want to learn how to?
  • Exploring the world?
  • Love food like we do?

If any of the above apply to you, we are confident you will find something here that will help you!

Why should people listen to you

Well you don’t have to of course, but we strongly believe we can provide value to a lot people. Take a look at some of our posts and you can determine for yourself if we are worth your time. We sure hope you stick around!

– Dalton and Brittany

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