Best Free Apps for iOS 13

Every year Apple releases a new version of iOS, along with new hardware. With updates to both inside and out of your new device, comes new apps to take advantage of the upgrades. Today, I bring you some of the best free apps for iOS 13.

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To start off the best free apps for iOS 13, Arrive is brought to you by Shopify. It will help you organize your package deliveries, supporting several of the big-name shipping entities. Connect it to your Google/Gmail account and Arrive will automatically keep you updated on your online orders.


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Chrome is my favourite web browser for several reasons. The biggest reason being its existence on several platforms. This is especially useful considering I use an iPhone, iPad, Windows PC and Linux-based HTPC almost every day. Trying to sync browser settings, bookmarks, history, etc. across different platforms is a nuisance. With Chrome, just sign in to your Google account and you are set to go!


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Continuing our list of best free apps for iOS 13 is FileExplorer. There is a ‘pro’ version, which I use but for the average user, the free version should suffice. This app lets you access shared files/folders through your network. Supporting many systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, NAS, DropBox and more, giving you the flexibility in accessing files from different savepoints.


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Who doesn’t like saving a few dollars, especially when it comes to filling up the tank? Ever come across the situation where you need to fill up on gas, only to drive by a cheaper gas station on your way home? I definitely have, several times. Using GasBuddy has saved me not only that small spurt of anger but a few dollars in my pocket as well. This app is widely used so the consumer-inputted gas prices should be accurate most of the time.


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Another one of the best free apps for iOS 13 is LastPass. Password managers have existed for some time now, but LastPass is by far my go-to choice. Cross-platform usability is extremely valuable and LastPass has support for your favourites. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android to be more specific. Secure those pesky passwords with LastPass!

You can sign up with LastPass here. Their free plan will likely suit your basic needs but their premium features are awesome. Brit and I have been using the Family plan to share some of our passwords for accounts we use together.


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Take control of your finances with Mint. If you have financial products/services across several institutions, Mint will sync your transactions and balances all in one place. This will make it easier to budget and stay on top of your bills. Check out my post on how to budget as a couple.

Rakuten Ebates

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As I continue to find ways to keep money in your pocket, I bring you Rakuten Ebates. If you do a lot of online shopping like Brit and I, go get paid for the items you were going to buy anyways. Since 2017 I have accumulated almost $400 from Ebates, all from things I was going to buy anyways.

If you haven’t signed up for Rakuten Ebates, you can use the following link to earn $5 after spending your first $25 on cashback eligible sites/products. Sign up today and pay yourself! It is literally free money we are talking about!


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If you find your contacts are out-of-date or missing information, take a look at Sync.ME. This app will sync your social media profiles with your iOS contacts, including photos. The next time one of your contacts calls or texts you, you will have their photo come up, making it easier to figure out which ‘John’ you are talking to.


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This one is for the commuters out there. The Transit app will show you different routes you can take to your destination. What’s cool about this one is that it will leverage local transit (bus, train and subway), walking, Uber, taxi, etc. to determine efficient routes to your destination. You can even plan ahead and it will show you approximately how much time it will likely take you based on your selection.

VNC Viewer

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Wrapping up our list of best free apps for iOS 13 is VNC Viewer. I have mentioned cross-platform usability before, and I am here to repeat it again. This app requires you to install VNC Server on the target device, allowing you to remote into it. Sometimes Brit will message me when I am away from home saying our home server isn’t working properly. With VNC Viewer, I can remotely access the device, fixing whatever the problem may be. Happy wife equals happy life!

That wraps some of the best free apps for iOS 13. I personally use most of these on a daily basis. These apps have kept my digital life efficient, secure and super convenient. If you like posts such as this one, take a look at our other tech posts. Let us know below some of your favourite apps!

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