Blogging as a Couple, the Truth Behind It

blogging as a couple

Brit and I have been talking about starting a blog for a few years but always seemed to let things get in the way. Whether it be the 9-to-5 job or next weekend’s family visit, we let time prevent us from starting sooner. This is the reality of blogging as a couple.

Coming up with the idea of blogging together

To be honest, blogging was never an interest of mine prior to the idea of starting my own. What initiated the thought was a way for both of us to bond and create something together.

After a few Google searches of “how to start a blog” and “what to consider before starting a blog”, I found a few solid pieces of advice.

Our relationship created The Couples Blog

Finding something you are passionate about to write can be easy for some. However, when you have two different personalities and interests, it can be challenging to find one topic to blog about. After discussing each of our different passions, we landed on one thing in common. Our experiences together. Whether it be our travels together, the technology we use or our love for each other. Hence, “The Couples Blog”.

What we like about blogging together

A project you can work on together

One of the greatest benefits of blogging as a couple is creating something where both of your passions come together. This not only includes our content but even the style and appearance of The Couples Blog. Are we both perfect writers? Absolutely not. Are we tech experts or relationship therapists? Umm, no. But the one thing we do have is being relatable. Blogging together on The Couples Blog, we have an opportunity to be our true selves and connect with others nationally (or even globally) that share similar interests and ideas. Now that’s pretty cool.

Ability to connect with friends and family

When blogging as a couple, you can share your journeys with friends and family. We have experienced several times where someone starts a conversation saying “I read your last blog post”. Additionally, for those friends and family that you don’t speak to as often, they are able to see what you are up to.

A fun way to learn more about photography, social media, website management, etc.

Starting a blog as a couple has led us to be more involved with social media as well as photography. Although we haven’t necessarily photographed every single image on The Couples Blog, we have taken a good chunk of them. Some of which were taken by our smartphones whereas others were taken by our Nikon D3400 DSLR. I am learning more and more about photography and social media. Trying to understand the social media “algorithm” has been a journey of its own but is something we believe is getting a little easier every week.

One thing to remember when blogging as a couple

Although there are many benefits that come along with blogging as a couple, there is one thing, in particular, to keep in mind. You have to be supportive of one another. This includes what you are writing for your blog posts as well as encouraging one another to share your own ideas. One thing I mentioned above was being relatable and that ties into the encouraging piece. For example, I wrote a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day post which opened me up to share my emotions and thoughts. With Brit’s support, I felt comfortable opening up emotionally in a public format.

I encourage all couples to create a blog together for the reasons I mentioned above. It may be difficult at first, but it has turned into something that we enjoy doing.

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