Can Relationships Survive University?

Can relationships survive university life? It’s a little more complicated than yes or no, at least from my experience. Seeing as post-secondary can be a challenge of its own, maintaining a healthy relationship adds a bit of complexity. However, keep reading as there are certainly some upsides.

It’s likely that you found your partner at school. Could be through a mutual friend or in the same program/course as you. Either way, university relationships are different from ordinary ones. The reason being is that university relationships are generally a little bit more stable than “outside” relationships. People with a strong sense of identity tend to make for happier and better-connected mates than those who haven’t.

Can relationships survive university

Trust your partner

One of the biggest factors that determine whether a relationship will survive is the level of trust between both partners. To be honest, it’s actually quite difficult to build this up at the beginning of a relationship. A lot of the time, people get caught up in their personal issues and become defensive when it comes to discussing things about their partner that are serious or different from your opinions. Once you have settled down and learned to talk more freely, however, you can start building a relationship based on trust.

If you can establish trust in your partner, you’ll also find that he or she is much more likely to open up to you. Because trust is important, prioritizing this early in the relationship can make it a lot easier in growing together.

Trust is an important factor in determining whether relationships can survive university. Try to build up your trust in your partner by being open to him or her and making it clear that you know what your partner wants.

Share your experiences

Your partner should be able to trust your judgment in matters of his or her life. If you are a good partner and care about your partner’s education, then this will mean that you two can be happy together. You’ll both want to share experiences with one another that you know that you can relate to. This will help you learn more about your partner and make him or her feel like you are an important part of who they are.

Secrets on a surviving relationship in university

Be supportive

You should be happy for your partner if he or she demonstrates that to you. In order to build a strong relationship, both partners should be happy for each other on their accomplishments or anything that makes them proud. Being supportive of each other’s happiness is just one of the many ways that relationships can survive university life.

Be sure to look after your partner’s happiness, too. There’s nothing worse than seeing your partner being unhappy and feeling guilty. Showing that support can be just what your partner needs to be uplifted.

Can relationships survive university

Mutual activities

One secret I can share to help relationships survive university is finding something that you both like doing together. Don’t get too caught up on what the person likes, though. If they can’t stand to read your favourite book or watching TV shows about cars, don’t force them into doing it. What you should do instead is to think about something that interests you both. Brit posted about at-home date ideas on a budget which are great examples of things to do together.

Independence skills

On the flip side, another secret to a successful relationship in university is maintaining a sense of independence within the relationship. This will help keep your relationships healthy because it means you don’t have to always depend on the other person, giving each other some alone time when needed. Plus, developing your independence skills now can set you up for success in the workplace.

Don't give up so easily

My final secret to surviving university in a relationship is to remember that you are in one and to make the most of it. It can be stressful at times, especially during exam times or if you have external factors affecting your happiness, but don’t let this push you into breaking up. Relationships aren’t easy, but they’re certainly worth it if you put the effort in.

So, can relationships survive university life? In short, yes. If you put in the effort together, your relationship can easily survive post-secondary. Just remember the secrets I shared and I am confident both of you will succeed as one.

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