Eliminate Spelling Errors With a Writing Assistant

There, their or they’re? Whether or weather? Effect or affect? Tomato or to-mah-to? Modern tech such as spell check and AutoCorrect have made it easier to proofread your basic spelling/grammatical errors. But sometimes it’s not grammatical errors you are looking to proofread. Instead, you may want to improve your sentence structure. If this is the case, then let me tell you about the best writing assistant, Grammarly!

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What does Grammarly do?

Grammarly is your all-in-one writing assistant that will help you become a better writer. The Couples Blog uses Grammarly to ensure our content makes sense and is easy for you to read. This writing assistant is great for reviewing your school papers, sending an email or create online posts like a blog. Several platforms are compatible with Grammarly:

  • Browser extensions
  • Microsoft Office add-on
  • Google Docs
  • Windows and macOS native applications
  • iOS and Android keyboards

So, with several platforms supported, Grammarly will help you create insightful pieces of writing, even on the go!

Who is Grammarly intended for?

Really anyone can use Grammarly but is extremely useful for students and frequent writers. Even the best writers out there make mistakes. So, instead of waiting until you completed your creative piece, why not use Grammarly to fix those pesky little mistakes as they occur?

One thing to note is that Grammarly currently supports English (American, Australian, British and Canadian). Whether English is your first, second or tenth language, Grammarly will help you stay on top of your writing.

If you are a frequent writer, I strongly suggest you take a look at the premium version as it includes some awesome features (explained below).

How Accurate is Grammarly?

I’m going to be honest and say Grammarly isn’t perfect. I can also argue how many times spell check and AutoCorrect weren’t accurate either. Grammarly is still considered the best writing assistant in my eyes as it contains several additional features compared to other options. Plus, all writing assistants are referred to assistants for a reason.

For example, looking at the first paragraph of this post ‘effect or affect’ is being recommended by Grammarly as ‘effector affect’. The first sentence of this section starts with ‘I’m going to be honest’ where Grammarly suggests ‘I’m going, to be honest’. The reason for these suggestions is because of my style of writing, and the same can very well happen to you. So leverage Grammarly as your best writing assistant, second to yourself or a professional proofreader.

Grammarly Free vs Premium vs Business

Here are some cool (and free) things that Grammarly can do for you:

  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Conciseness
  • Tone detection

But it doesn’t stop there! Grammarly has premium and business plans which also have some awesome features:

  • Consistency
  • Fluency
  • Readability
  • Compelling vocabulary
  • Lively sentence variety
  • Confident language
  • Politeness
  • Formality level
  • Inclusive language
  • Plagiarism

Grammar, spelling and punctuation

Grammarly wouldn’t be the best writing assistant if it couldn’t do the basics! Grammarly knows when you need commas and semi-colons. It knows the difference between there, their and they’re. And of course, it knows ‘grammer’ is spelled ‘grammar’.


Reduce unnecessary words in a sentence such as ‘it’s possible we may need it’.

Tone detection

Giving you insights on the emotion/tone your writing is presented in. Handy if you are trying to write in a particular style. For example, this section is considered to be ‘informative’.


Especially useful when writing in different formats with numbers and dates. Eliminating variable uses of ‘Jan 25’ vs ‘January 25th’ or ‘two’ vs ‘2’.


Ensuring your sentences have a natural flow, suggesting replacement words when needed.


Grammarly suggests rephrasing your wordy sentences that may require your readers to re-read it in order to comprehend the meaning of the phrase such as this one.

*Compelling vocabulary

Think of this as a built-in thesaurus that will suggest words to spice up your writing.

*Lively sentence variety

Similar to readability. You have several short sentences. It will recommend rephrasing them.

*Confident language

Adding a positive spin to your writing, suggesting ‘I think we should’ to be changed to ‘we can’.


If you want to be more political/proper with your writing and avoid words such as ‘hate’, Grammarly will suggest phrases such as ‘wouldn’t say I liked’.

*Formality level

HBU? ttyl? (‘how about you?’ and ‘talk to you later’).

*Inclusive language

Increase the respect level in your writing. As per Grammarly’s example ‘confined to wheelchairs’ is not as respectful as ‘wheelchair users’.


This is a big one for students writing pieces that are cross-referenced by professors upon submission. Grammarly will check your work and compare it to over 16 billion web pages, giving you the confidence that your work is unique.

Is the Premium/Business plan worth it?

If you are into writing or want to become a better writer, then Grammarly premium is without a doubt going to be useful. Because their premium plan has so many solid features, I am confident you will benefit from it.

For my fellow Canadian students out there, you may find the premium plan price a little steep (USD 139.95/annually). But think of it this way… with a USD to CAD exchange rate of 1.31, that equals CAD 184. Broken down every week is about $3.50. That’s about two cups of coffee from your go-to coffee shop every week. Or less than one caramel macchiato with extra caramel. Plus, Grammarly will help you get better grades on your papers. Better grades equal more scholarship/bursary opportunities. More scholarships/bursaries equal more money in your pocket. Whereas with your coffee obsession, you get a few hours of energetic satisfaction. Think about all those coffees you can buy now that you received those scholarships/bursaries!

Note that Grammarly’s business plan is essentially their premium plan but tailored to larger groups.

How do we use Grammarly?

As mentioned previously, we use Grammarly to support our content creation. The goal of our blog is to give you content that will enhance your way of living and completing day-to-day tasks. But what good is that if you cannot understand what we are saying? Grammarly is the best writing assistant (from our experience) and it helps us deliver on our promise.

Is Grammarly the best writing assistant?

Our final verdict on Grammarly is that everyone writing anything from frequent essays to simple emails should have it. After writing this post alone, Grammarly helped me eliminate 13 errors (yes, I was counting). Grammarly’s free plan will suffice for those completing simple tasks such as emails or social media messages to friends and family. But if you want to get the most out of your writing capabilities, we strongly suggest you sign up for Grammarly’s premium plan. It certainly helps me on a daily basis.

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