How Much Does My Face Cost?

This week I decided to do a different post. I was curious to know how much I spend on my hygiene/daily products I use. To be more specific, how much does my face cost each day? Well, we are about to find out!

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How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

1 mL/day ($0.07/day)

Naturally, I have a dry scalp and have tried several shampoos to prevent it with no luck. At least until I tried the Rocky Mountain Forest Mint Shampoo. Not only does it smell refreshing, but my scalp is no longer dry and itchy.

How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

0.65 mL/day ($0.05/day)

For the longest time, I was using a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner (which may be the culprit to my dry scalp). When I switched shampoos, I had to pick up a separate conditioner. I decided to go with the Rocky Mountain Forest Mint Conditioner as it was similar to my shampoo. The consistent smell is a bonus!

How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

0.83 g/day ($0.06/day)

Not only do I suffer from a dry scalp, but my face gets dry easily as well. The NIVEA Men Deep Cleaning Face Scrub helps get rid of old/dead skin to keep my face smooth.

How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

0.94 g/day ($0.15/day)

With my dry scalp issue, I decided to stop using hair gel. Most hair gel products contain alcohol and other ingredients that dry your skin. Rocky Mountain Pomade allows me to use significantly less product compared to hair gel, but with a similar style. My hair is very finicky when it comes to styling, so I find myself using more product than I probably should.

How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

0.1 mL/day ($0.07/day)

After finishing another successful ‘Movember’ last year, my wife challenged me to grow out my beard for an entire year. I have never grown out a full beard but have to say I am happy with it so far (considering the maintenance involved with it). I am currently using Rocky Mountain Sandalwood Beard Oil to keep my beard healthy and hydrated. This stuff smells awesome too!

How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

0.28 g/day ($0.10/day)

As mentioned above, my beard requires a little more attention with its length. The Rocky Mountain Sandalwood Beard Balm helps keep the beard oil on the hairs, as well as helps me style my beard. Yes, beard styling is definitely a thing!

How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

0.63 mL/day ($0.07/day)

Similar to my face scrub, I like to use NIVEA Men Face Moisturizer to keep my face hydrated. This moisturizer isn’t greasy, so throughout the day, I forget I even put it on!

How much does my face cost?

1 razor per month ($2.63/month)

I have been using Dollar Shave Club razor blades for a few years now after being forced to replace my first-ever razor. While I am growing out my beard, I am using my razor significantly less often and can get away with using one blade per month. Nowadays I am using my razor to touch up certain areas on my face/neck.

I personally recommend signing up with Dollar Shave Club as it is convenient and flexible. Picking a delivery schedule that works for you (mine is every 4 months) ensures that you are swapping your razor blades as often as you should and need. Plus, you avoid the issue I went through where retail stores may stop selling your previous razor blades. If you sign up for Dollar Shave Club using our link, you will help support The Couples Blog which is much appreciated!

How much does my face cost?How much does my face cost?

Here is a bonus item I use daily to style my beard. What I really like about Rocky Mountain’s Beard Comb is that it has three different ‘sizes’. Depending on what area you are combing (moustache, cheeks, neck, etc.), you can use either side of the comb to get the look you want.

With everything broken down (not including the beard comb), how much does my face cost? It turns out that I spend about $0.66/day which is significantly less than I expected. I have to admit I am happy with that amount as I was thinking it was closer to $1-2/day. Always feels good knowing you are spending half as much as you thought!

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