How to Create a Morning Routine You Will Love

Welcome back! I know I promised last week a post about creating a morning and night routine, but it ended up being way too much excitement for one post. So I had to split it up into two posts. Please forgive me. As for today, we are going to plan out our mornings to get the most out of our day. I didn’t think I was a morning person until I started getting up and being productive earlier in the day and realized how liberating it is.

Why is Routine Important?

Routines create structure in our lives which helps us feel a sense of purpose. Think about when you are on a vacation and you have no idea what day of the week it is. Yes, of course, it is nice to bask in no routines or responsibilities but imagine that every day. You would start to feel lost and without a purpose. Alright, now that we know why we need routines, I am sure you can guess why morning routines are especially important. It is the first thing you do in the morning who does not want to set themselves up for success. So, let’s start building a morning routine you are going to love waking up to.

Coffee and book

Step 1 – How Much Time do you Realistically Need?

The first step is being realistic about the time you actually have to dedicate to a morning routine. If you need one hour to get the bare minimum done in the morning, I suggest adding at least an additional hour to that. This gives you enough time to truly enjoy your morning. I know exactly what you are thinking “where am I magically going to get an extra hour I don’t have enough time as it is?!” Try getting up 15 minutes earlier this week, next week an additional 15 minutes. Before you know it there is the hour you have been searching for. It can also be early enough to be an additional uninterrupted hour to your day.

BONUS! In turn with this, of course, you need to be going to bed slightly earlier so you are not exhausted. It’s not fun getting your day started when you feel you’ve barely rested. 

Step 2 – What do you NEED to do in the morning?

The second step is figuring out all the necessities you need in your morning routine. There are things everyone needs to do in the morning to get themselves ready for the day. As humans, we need to eat three meals a day so breakfast is a need to do in the morning for most. Write down the things you need to do in the morning and don’t leave anything out. This will be a solid foundation for your morning routine. For example: brush teeth, shower, breakfast, etc. 

Step 3 – What do you WANT to do in the morning?

The third step is brainstorming all the ways you could enjoy your morning. These are the things that are going to make your morning enjoyable and will set you up for the rest of your day. This is what you made the extra hour for. So, write down all the things you’ve thought about doing in the morning but never have time to do. Do you want two cups of coffee and to get in a chapter or two of your favourite book? You now have time! Do you want to hit the gym and grab a protein shake before heading to the office? You have time!
Stuck? Here are some things you could add-in.
– Meditation: take some time to breathe and work through your thoughts
– Read a chapter or two of a book you’ve been meaning to finish
– Gym 
– Yoga
– Journal 

Step 4 – Plan it out and stick to it 

The fourth and final step is planning out your morning so it is optimal for you. This means to organize your morning from the moment you wake up until you leave the house for work or school. Slot in everything you have to do so that your morning is organized and productive. You’ll wake up every morning knowing you have some time placed aside for yourself before your day even starts. Taking time for yourself is important and it does not need to be at night, in front of the TV. Why not in the morning you journal or hit the gym before work? As I have said before be intentional with your morning routine but remember it’s life and things come up. If one day you don’t get up at 6am to do your morning routine it’s okay to give yourself a break. 
Waking up

In case you guys were interested here is the morning routine that I recently created for myself.

7:00am – Wake up 
7:10am – Brush my teeth 
7:15am – Pack a gym bag
7:20am – Let Scooby out and give him breakfast
7:30am – Journal and read by the fire
8:00am – Head to the gym
9:00am – Leave the gym 
9:15am – Make coffee and breakfast 
9:45am – Shower and get ready

This is my winter morning routine and I usually switch it up depending on the seasons. I like to walk Scooby in the warmer months instead of going to the gym or enjoy my coffee and journal on the patio.

I hope you enjoyed creating a morning routine with me. Please comment below your morning routine or something that you are going to make time for in the morning. Next week we will continue this topic just flipping it over to a night routine. Get excited!

Much love, 

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