How to Make a Home Theatre

Have you ever wanted your own home theatre? I have watched several YouTube videos of people creating their own man cave which inspired me to create my own. Making a home theatre can be an exciting project. With a little planning, it can also be pretty easy. Keep reading to learn how to make a home theatre.

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Planning to make a home theatre

Planning ahead should be the first thing you do when making a home theatre. When you are planning you should keep these things in mind:

  • What are the dimensions of the room (including height)?
  • Is it an open or enclosed room?
  • What type of flooring do you have?
  • Does the room have windows?
  • Will the room be lit naturally or artificially?
  • What is the theme you are going for (ie modern, industrial, etc.)?
  • Do you need to repaint the room?

There may be other things you want to think about but the above were some important aspects for us to consider. We have a decent size window on one of the walls which had us thinking about where to place our TV. Also, the room we were working with has hardwood flooring, allowing sound to travel more easily. The latter being a possible concern for neighbouring rooms.

To help layout our room setup, we used Floorplanner. Not only was it easy to use, but it allowed for different shaped rooms and had a massive library of generic objects to place in the room. If you gathered the dimensions of the room, Floorplanner will make it easier to visualize where certain things can go and ultimate where they would fit.

Home theatre floor plan
How to make a home theatre - floor plan

Furnishing the home theatre

With the model above you can see we opted for a rug to soak up some of the sounds. We were previously using it in our basement apartment but it’s been collecting dust after we moved into our house. This was also the case with our Kallax shelving unit and Hemnes side table (which seems to be no longer available in Canada).

Making our home theatre ended up being a lot more budget-friendly as we repurposed items we already had. This also included our 55″ 4K Vizio TV which was initially in our living room. We wanted to get a projector considering the relatively large wall we had to work with but decided to pass on it (at least for now). So we made a sacrifice and took our 50″ Vizio TV from our bedroom and placed it in the living room to replace our now theatre TV. This TV may not be as good as our 55″ but it will suffice for our living room.

Now, this next decision was a little challenging at first. Of course, we need something to sit on right? With many options out there like a loveseat, L-shaped modular sofa or dedicated theatre chairs, our biggest challenge was finding the right balance of value and cost. With an L-shaped sofa being our top pick, it was going to cost us an arm and a leg, making it less of a possible reality. After “sitting” on the decision further, we thought of going with two bean bags. We could have gotten some affordable ones from Walmart or the like, but kudos to Brit on finding these bad boys! CordaRoy’s bean bag chairs ended up being one of the few purchases we had to make but ended up being an awesome purchase. They are super comfy and can convert into a mattress, giving the room even more versatility. The final hurdle with these was trying to find a place that sells them in Canada. Thankfully we came across Snugglers Furniture located in Waterloo, ON. To save $100 in shipping costs as well as time, we decided to make a day trip to visit the beautiful city and pick them up ourselves.

The last touch to our furnishing was wall art. With our theme being more modern and the fact that the room was also going to be used for gaming, we went with Displate posters. Displates are metal frames that don’t need hooks but rather magnets. One great thing about these is you don’t have to worry about perfectly aligning the magnets. The magnets are strong enough that if they are a little off-centre, the Displates will still stay up. This will allow you to perfectly center and level the Displates to finish the room with a clean look.

How to make a home theatre - before How to make a home theatre - after

How to make a home theatre with tech

How could you not have cool tech in your home theatre? Here is a breakdown of the tech we included in this room:

The only items we didn’t already have are the Home Theatre PC and Anker wireless charger. We only need a few more parts and we can officially have our HTPC up and running to complete our entire home theatre. The Anker wireless charger we placed under the side table so that we can charge our compatible device with ease.

How to make a home theatre with tech
How to make a home theatre with tech

My goal for sharing our experience creating our own entertainment room is to show you it really doesn’t have to be a complicated project. In fact, the hardest part of this whole thing ended up being painting. If you can paint a room, you can learn how to make a home theatre. There very well could be future upgrades, such as a full 5.1 speaker system, bar fridge and possibly a projector. But for now, we love our home theatre and are proud to have made it into something we can both enjoy. If you benefited from reading how to make a home theatre, please comment below! Share your own home projects as we are continuing to gather inspiration on other areas of our living space. Lastly, contact us if you have content requests as we would love to hear what you want to read about.

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