Kitchen Essentials We Can’t Live Without

Welcome back to The Couples Blog. I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer heat as much as I have over the last week. It’s definitely been overdue here in Canada. I want to apologize to all of you for the blog going down on Sunday. If you missed Dalton’s post because of the outage click here. I’m excited to bring to you guys a more lighthearted post this week, with our top kitchen essentials Dalton and I cannot live without. These are the tried and true kitchen products we use daily. ENJOY!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase The Couples Blog will earn a commission. Keep in mind that we link only select companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission we receive from your purchases. We would never recommend a product or service that we do not believe in based on our own experience. The decision is ultimately yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. But we do appreciate you using our links as it helps keep our blog active.

Air Fryer

As soon as this product started hitting the shelves we were sold. We as anyone love a good crispy, deep-fried French fry but we all know how terrible it is for us. It’s also a hassle to lug out the deep fryer, fill it, heat it and so on. The Air Fryer takes all the hassle out of deep-frying. It uses air and a small amount of oil to fry your food as if it were deep-fried. I’ve tried many different things in my air fryer from mozzarella sticks to chicken wings and I’ve never been disappointed. We have the Philips Air Fryer but there are many different options to choose from to suit your needs.

The Instant Pot

When I say this product changed my life, I’m not lying it truly did. Now I am someone who wanted to love my crockpot, but I didn’t, it burnt everything I put in it (maybe a user issue… unsure). The Instant Pot saved the day by being so much more than a crockpot. There are so many different uses for your instant pot from sautéeing to pressure cooking. Also, there are a million instant pot recipes all over the internet, so I love trying new ways to create something amazing with my instant pot.

Single Use Blender - Ninja Blender

No more big jug-like blenders that you can’t fit in your cupboard. Single-use blenders are the way to go, it takes little to no time to clean, easy to store and you have a perfectly portioned smoothie/protein shake every time. Most single-use blenders come with different sized cups and you can also purchase additional cups if necessary.

Hand Mixer

I know the people out there trying the Tik Tok coffee recipe need/have an electric whisk. This little gadget comes in handy for so many different recipes and it’ll save your arm from wanting to fall off. I use this for baking but also for making appetizers and so many other things.

Nespresso Machine

Single-serve coffee was a great invention. My Nespresso machine saved me hundreds a year in coffee expenses. I had a serious Starbucks addiction before I purchased my Nespresso machine. This machine allows me to make delicious espresso beverages from the comfort of my home, for a fraction of the price. It’s a bit of an investment upfront but trust me, in the long run, you will be thanking me.

All-Clad Frying Pans

This was a recent purchase for Dalton and I and we are in love with these pans. We moved in the last year and we now have an induction stove, but you can only use certain cookware with it. Of course we had the wrong cookware and had to replace ours (nevermind the fact they were cheap pans, to begin with). We decided we wanted to invest in quality non-stick frying pans. These All-clad ones are amazing, they are non-stick but can also go in the oven up to 500 degrees like a cast iron skillet would.

Lagostina Pots

As you have probably noticed in this post, Dalton and I believe in investing in your kitchen essentials. We want to purchase things that will last us a long time into the future. These pots are no different. We purchased a full set of these pots (10 pieces) when we first started living together and 4 years later, they are still in perfect condition.

Silicone Cooking Utensils

Now that you have invested in your cookware you want to be using the proper utensils so they last. Using silicone is our recommendation as it does not scratch and is very easy to clean. Plastic and metal will end up scratching and wearing down your cookware. Silicone is the only thing we use in our kitchen to cook with.

Silicone Baking Mats

Say goodbye to parchment paper and greasing your baking sheets. These things changed the game for us. They are so easy to clean, absolutely nothing sticks to them and your baking sheets last so much longer. It’s really a win-win-win. They are relatively inexpensive and last forever; we’ve had ours for years and they are in perfect condition.

I hope you found something that will help with your kitchen woes. I love researching different small appliances or kitchen gadgets that will save me time and frustration. If you fell in love with something from our list comment below we would love to hear all about it. That is all for me this week, as always please everyone stay safe and healthy.

Much love, 

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