Rescuing Our Puppy: Scooby’s Story

Welcome back! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. If you haven’t already, check out Dalton’s post from Sunday and give it some love. It’s all about how he proposed, his thoughts behind how he planned it and popped the question. I am back this week with a post I’ve wanted to share for a while. As a proud dog mom, I’ve wanted to tell the story of how we rescued and adopted Scooby from Arizona. This story fits in perfectly with the theme of this month. How can I speak all things about love without talking about my fur baby!

Rescuing our puppy: scooby's story

Before I get into the storytime, I want to preface that Dalton and I are dog lovers. When thinking about getting a dog, we didn’t care what country he came from, we just knew we wanted to adopt/rescue a dog and give it a fantastic home. It just so happened that this amazing dog fell into our laps.


The Traumatic Beginning

Scooby was born on June 2, 2017, in Phoenix, Arizona. It was not the entrance to the world you would expect for a sweet little puppy. The day was scorching, as it tends to be in the summer in Arizona. His mother had been abandoned and was pregnant with 7 puppies. The poor dog tried to find a cool place to give birth to her puppies, so she found some shade under a tractor-trailer.

A young woman just happened to look out her window at work and noticed the dog under the truck. Considering the animal lover she is, she went out to help the dog and saw she had already given birth to her puppies. Unfortunately, 3 of the puppies didn’t make it through the delivery and the heat. This sweet, kind woman rescued the mother and 4 of the remaining puppies. She then dedicated the next few months to nursing the mother as well as the puppies to health. After that, she then set out to find the puppies good homes as she kept the mother of Scooby as her own pet.

A Chance Finding

My mother lives in a retirement community in Arizona in the winter months. Within the retirement community, they have an email group for members. The email group is used to sell things or post notifications within the community. She just happened to be browsing it one day and came across a post about 4 free Labrador Retriever puppies looking for good homes. My mom knew Dalton, and I had been looking for a puppy to join our family for a while, so she forwarded the email to us, jokingly asking how cute they are. I responded immediately that I wanted them all.

My mom wrote to the lady trying to get some more information and possibly meet the puppies. When the woman found out that we wanted to bring one of the puppies back to Canada, she said she didn’t feel comfortable with that. Anyone who knows my mom knows how stubborn she is. She really would not let this lady take no for an answer. The lady finally caved and said that she would come by with the puppies for my mom to meet them. Once the woman met my mom, she totally changed her mind and even let “Dean” (aka Scooby), stay for one night with my mom. My mom fell in love with Scooby immediately and said we would be back in 4 weeks to get him.

Rescuing our puppy: scooby's story
Rescuing our puppy: scooby's story
Rescuing our puppy: scooby's story

First Meeting

Four weeks came and were we excited! The sweet woman who rescued Scooby and his family sent pictures daily. I travelled down to Arizona with my mom as Dalton couldn’t go as he unfortunately had to work. So, I met Scooby for the first time on August 29, 2017. Just seeing him, I was immediately in love with him. He was all paws and legs falling over himself. My mom and I spent the week in Arizona cuddling and training this sweet little boy. We chatted with Dalton every day so that Scooby would get used to his voice, I could not wait to get him home and finally all be a family.

Home to Canada

September 5th, 2017, finally came, and it was time to take Scooby to his new home in Canada. We had an afternoon flight, so we weren’t in a crazy hurry to get up and get going. My mom and I ended up not getting to the airport with much time to spare. We did this on purpose as we knew Scooby’s attention span. SHORT!

My mom and I decided to be the last ones on the plane as we did not know how Scooby was going to react. We put him in the carrier, and he cried the whole way on to the plane. Yes, everyone was looking at me, judging me, I am sure. We took our seat and put Scooby under the seat in front of us. Every chance we got, we talked to him and pet him opening the carrier just enough so he wouldn’t jump out. He ended up being very calm throughout the entire plane ride. We were so lucky!

Rescuing our puppy: scooby's story
Rescuing our puppy: scooby's story

My one piece of advice, if you are thinking of adopting an animal from another country is to ignore people’s comments. Do not let these people’s judgement and opinions weigh on you like it did on me. Remember, you are doing an amazing thing for this animal. You are giving them a life they couldn’t dream of.

That is all for this week. I hope you enjoyed this little storytime all about our fur baby. Comment below pictures of your fur baby. I will see you next week for the last love-themed post for February!

Much love,

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