Spring Bucket List for Couples

Welcome back to another wonderful week. I hope everyone is thriving this Wednesday! With the clocks changing this week it really got me in “a spring has sprung” kind of mood. I am constantly looking for fun things to do as the weather gets nicer, so I threw all my ideas together for you guys. This is our spring bucket list. Try to make your own or go off ours and let’s see who gets the most done by June. Ready, set, GO!

1. Shop at a Farmer’s Market

I always loved going to the farmer’s market with my grandmother as a little girl. So, this year in honour of her and giving back to the local community I want to go once or twice a month. 

2. Pick Berries

Something else I used to do as a child. Actually, I used to pick berries as a “side hustle” when I was 15 years old. There is something about picking your own berries that is so satisfying. 

3. Plant a Garden (vegetable or flower)

This one is a struggle for me. Unlike, the many wonderful women in my life I cannot keep a plant alive. However, this spring I want to try to plant some sort of garden. Please hold me to this as I hate to go outside of my comfort zone. 

4. Dance in the Rain

I am sure everyone is rolling their eyes in disgust at how cheesy I am. Guilty as charged, Dalton knows I love a good cheesy moment. Dancing in the rain is no exception. Sure there is the risk of getting pneumonia but I would love every second of it anyways.

5. Spot a Rainbow

This one just screams springtime to me. When I see a full rainbow it makes me happy as spring has sprung with all its magic. 

Spring Bucket List for Couples
Spring Bucket List for Couples

6. Find a Four-Leaf Clover

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, be on the lookout for a lucky four-leaf clover on the ground. I have always had a special bond with St. Patrick’s Day as I was born one day before. 

7. Paint Easter Eggs

I haven’t painted eggs in years. This is such a fun and festive activity to get you in the spirit of Easter. It can also be cute decor for Easter/springtime. 

8. Do an Easter Egg Hunt

Last year as a fun Easter celebration I hid Easter eggs around our apartment for Dalton. It was a lot of fun to watch him search for the eggs. Maybe every year we will switch it up. It looks like it’s his year to hide the eggs!

9. Spring Clean

Although an unpopular opinion, this is probably my favourite spring activity. I love decluttering and organizing my space. So, come springtime I am in heaven. I WILL declutter and thoroughly clean everything!

10. Go on a Hike

Get out in nature and get your blood flowing. That sounds like a win-win to me! Take it easy and go for a leisurely stroll or step it up a notch with a few hills and rough terrain. Better yet, go in the morning and feel the crisp spring air on your face.

Spring Bucket List for Couples

11. Celebrate Earth Day

This year Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd. Do something to help the Earth in some way. Some ways to help include picking up trash in your neighbourhood, plant trees or just remember your reusable bags when at the grocery store.

12. Go to a Spring Fair

Spring fairs usually come to town around the same time every year so this spring catch one in your area. I love going on the Ferris wheel and indulging in a candy apple. What is your favourite part of going to a spring fair? Comment below!

13. Eat at a Food Truck

Chip truck fries are my favourite, and being Canadian there isn’t anything better than a chip truck poutine. Whatever you fancy, find a food truck around you and try it out one Sunday afternoon. 

14. Stop and Smell the Flowers

April showers bring May flowers. As those flowers bloom don’t forget to stop and take in their beauty. We forget with the hustle of life to stop and appreciate the small things.

15. Donate items you didn’t wear this past winter

Another guilty pleasure of mine is getting rid of things that I did not wear in the past season. It is so liberating getting rid of things that are “weighing you down”. I personally like to donate my old items but you can also use apps like Poshmark to sell your old items. 
Spring Bucket List for Couples
Spring Bucket List for Couples

Those are the things I can hopefully get Dalton to do with me this Spring. Fingers crossed for me, okay? Check out our Instagram, that is where we will be posting all of our lovely spring bucket list adventures. Take care everyone and I will talk to you all next week!

Much love, 

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