Things a Wife Should Do for Their Husband

Relationships are one of the most important things in life. Not to mention the fact that humans consider socialization a basic need of life. Socializing with a partner might be different than with a friend or family member. However, it can be similar in certain ways as well. To maintain a healthy relationship, here are my top 5 things a wife should do for their husband.

Things a wife should do for their husband
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Respect your husband

It is not hard to maintain good relationships; it is just a matter of respecting them properly.

Showing respect is very important in any kind of relationship. You have to show your partner that you are worthy of their trust, affection and time. Respect is a quality that is learned and never given. So when you give it to another person, they always need to learn it by themselves and only then can they give it. Respect is also a quality that has to be maintained in all kinds of relationships as well as in marriage.

Giving respect to another person also involves showing respect to yourself. Being self-respectful is essential because it: promotes your sense of self-worth, maturity and overall confidence. It also promotes healthy self-awareness and acceptance of oneself and others. Also, it allows you to feel more accepted, happy and free to be you. The more you appreciate and care for yourself, the more you also appreciate and respect another person.

It's not just about your love language

It’s great to understand your own love language, but take the time to understand theirs. To be blunt, it’s not always about your own love language. After all, you want a fair and equal relationship do you not? Making the effort to accommodate their love language needs will lead to him being more appreciative of the little things you do for him.

Show interest in his interests

Just recently, Brit asked genuine questions about a game I play. She wasn’t afraid to admit she had no clue what was going on, but she wanted to understand. Not because she has an interest in playing but because it is something that interests me. The level of excitement I had when she asked is indescribable. Even if you have no intention of participating in that activity, showing that you can respect their views on it will go a long way.

Be comfortable with alone time

Brit and I have our fair share of alone time, and you should too! Alone time doesn’t have to mean you are bored being together, but rather an opportunity to focus on yourself. As much as relationships are about being able to depend on each other, you need to be independently strong to do so. A husband’s alone time is his opportunity to refresh, release and refine. Between working a 9-5 job, writing weekly blog content, taking care of a pet and completing ordinary tasks like grocery shopping and sleep, time can slip easily. When time feels like it’s moving quicker than normal, those can be great moments to schedule in that much needed alone time.

Honeymoon celebrations

Accept him for who he is

You did marry him for the way he is, right? So continue to let him be his quirky self. Unless there is a serious concern/problem at hand, one of the last things you should do is look to change who he is. No one is perfect and that is totally fine. Plus, what does that even mean for someone to be perfect?

With that said, I am not the exact same person I was when I first met Brit 5+ years ago. And I’m confident you aren’t the exact same 5 years ago either. We will naturally adapt and change a bit over time, but learn to adapt together. Your relationship will thank you for it.

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