Three Loves, Three Different Meanings, One Lifetime

Welcome back to The Couples Blog. This week I wanted to explain a concept that is fascinating to me. It is said that everyone has only 3 loves in their life. These loves come at different stages, times and with different meanings. All of these loves teach us something different and have a profound impact on our growth as a person and a partner. I have brought this concept up to many people and it seems it works in one way or another. Let’s find out what love you may be experiencing right now. 

The First Love: The Too Good to Be True Love

This love usually comes into your life at a young age possibly high school or college. I call this the naïve love. The one that you believe will last forever and could never go wrong. This love is usually your first experience with love and feels like a fairy tale. It is exactly what you would expect “love” to feel like. You talk about marriage, children and growing old together. Unfortunately, this love almost always ends as it is too good to be true and inevitably you outgrow each other.

Three loves, three different meanings, one lifetime

The Second Love: The Hard Love

This love is a challenging one. It is the one filled with heartache, lies and betrayal. This love will test your strength and change you as a person. There is always a silver lining though. This love will be the one to teach you what you deserve and what kind of love you want.  Experiences like this kind of love shape you as a person, a partner and a human. Remember the most beautiful things come from the hardest moments in your life.

The Third Love: The One You Didn’t See Coming

And of course, the final love and the one that takes you by surprise. This love comes into your life when you are not looking and least expect it. It’s the kind that just comes so naturally. This love will make you understand why it didn’t work with anyone else. It’s not perfect or idealistic like the first, it is a mature love that you nurture and grow every day. This is the love that will last because you have truly learned what love is and how special it is to find that special person.

“I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.”

– The Vow

 I have definitely had my three loves in my life and can confidently say that Dalton is the one I did not see coming. We met in a shopping mall of all places! Have you had your three loves yet? Comment below if this is true for your life. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. ALMOST the weekend! Enjoy one of the last weekends of the summer and I will talk to you all next week.

Much Love,  

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