What’s on My Desk – Husband Edition

I have wanted to do this post for a while. I am a big YouTube watcher, and I have seen some of my favourite YouTubers share what’s on their phone, in their bag, etc. So I decided I am going to share what’s on my desk. You will see tech more than anything on this list.

My wife has been bugging me to clean my desk for a while now… So I did. Not that I would collect garbage on my desk, but I am bad at putting receipts/invoices where they need to be right away. So with a better idea of what really is on my desk, let’s jump right into it!

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Linnmon Desk and Alex Drawer Units


Brit has a similar setup in terms of the general desk layout. We both have a Linnmon desk with two Alex drawer units on either side. This is a typical setup you will find all over the internet, and I am confident some of you have the same. We decided to go with the Linnmon as it is lightweight and easy to move. Not to mention, the desk has a simple design, which can be easily customized.

The Alex drawer units, on the other hand, are a lot heavier than you would think, which is probably a good thing for safety reasons. They provide different drawer sizes to accommodate several items’ dimensions. I use mine to keep documents, random cables, and computer parts organized.

Dual Monitors - Dell S2719DGF and LG 27UK650


I use two different monitors to increase my screen real estate, which helps me multitask. Whether I am watching movies, browsing the web, writing my blog post, play games, or any combination of those, having two monitors definitely makes everything more accessible.

The Dell S2719DGF is a 27″, 1440p monitor that is equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate. I primarily use this monitor for gaming and day-to-day tasks. With the higher than average refresh rate, moving the mouse feels a lot more fluid than on a typical 60Hz monitor.

Speaking of 60Hz monitors, the LG 27UK650 doesn’t have a high refresh rate but brings a 4K resolution to my setup. It is an IPS monitor which provides more accurate colours than the Dell monitor (which has a TN panel). This allows me to watch movies and edit images/videos with more visual accuracy.

Having two very different monitors (although same physical screen sizes), allows me to multitask to the max. I can alternate between the two as my primary monitor, depending on what I am working on.

Keyboard - SteelSeries Apex M500

I am a big SteelSeries fan, so you will find most of my peripherals are from them. I find they are of high quality and are durable (for the most part). This keyboard has Cherry MX Red switches, which to my wife just means ‘click click click,’ but for me provides the feedback I need when playing games. The keys feel smooth when I need to button mash while gaming, but are also comfortable to type up a blog post with. Plus, it has a blue LED backlight. LED’s are always cool, but blue is also my favourite colour (so win-win).

Mouse - SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless

To match my SteelSeries keyboard, I got the Rival 650 Wireless mouse. Previously I used the Rival 300, which is currently sitting in one of my Alex drawers for backup. The Rival 650 has a quick enough response time compared to a wired mouse, so gaming doesn’t feel compromised. The benefit here is that I don’t always have to have it plugged in (one less cable on my desk). The battery lasts quite a long time for a gaming mouse, so overall I am very pleased with it.

I purchased this mouse in July 2019 but I am starting to experience the side grips are slipping. Based on reviews of the Rival 650, this mouse has a reputation of the side grips easily losing it’s adhesive. I have contacted SteelSeries directly about it and have been cooperating very well to help solve this issue.

Headset - SteelSeries Arctis 7

This headset is flat out awesome! The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is wireless and can work with a wide variety of platforms. Primarily I use it for my desktop, but occasionally I will use it when playing games on the PS4. The PS4 is in the bedroom and sometimes my wife will be reading or watching her own thing on her iPad while we are both in there. To avoid disturbing her, I will use this headset to keep the audio to myself.

Instead of using laggy Bluetooth, this headset has a USB dongle that can be plugged in to provide a lag-free wireless audio experience. I wouldn’t use it with my iPhone or iPad as it requires the audio cable, never mind the fact I have AirPods to use with them instead.

Almost 3 years after owning these, I have yet to run into a problem with them. Definitely a solid purchase with these!

Speakers - Logitech Z337

The Logitech Z337 speakers were purchased to serve a couple purposes. It comes with the flexibility of inputs (audio cables and Bluetooth), and a small footprint. These speakers are durable and pack a punch for their size, also considering it is a 2.1 speaker system.

You have access to a separate dial that can be used to change the volume, control power and sync to Bluetooth devices. The great thing with it being independent is that you can put it anywhere you want. On your desktop, on top of your PC or off to the side. The bottom of the dial has a spongy material to prevent scratching on surfaces, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some have added some sort of adhesive tape to mount it on the underside of the desk for a cleaner look.

Microphone - Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti microphone is one of the most commonly used mics for consumers. The audio quality is clear and provides many different settings to adapt to your needs.

We haven’t used the mic much yet but purchased it when it was on sale and in preparation for a few projects, we have in mind (stay tuned)!

Desk Mat - SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

At one point, I never understood why people like to have a mat on their desks. After seeing more and more people with one, I decided to divulge. The great thing about the SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface is that it provides a soft layer underneath your wrists. Plus, you can place your peripherals wherever you need to, even if they aren’t perfectly centred on your desk.

The one thing I hated about ordinary mousepads was that it sometimes interfered with my keyboard. Sometimes I would need to reposition my mouse+keyboard based on what task I was completing. For example, while gaming, I would have my mouse further away to allow for more movement. But when browsing the web or typing, it would often be closer. This mat solves that problem as I can move my keyboard and mouse without having to move the mat itself.

Headset Stand - Satechi USB Headphone Stand

If you want an official headset stand rather than a banana hanger, I recommend this one by Satechi. What I like most about it is the easy access to USB ports. It comes with 3 USB 3.0 ports which can be used for charging or plugging in a flash drive.

Bestand 2-in-1 iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Stand


On the topic of charging, I use the Bestand 2-in-1 charging stand for my iPhone and Apple Watch. Simple design and very durable as it is primarily made with solid metal.

If you don’t own an Apple Watch, you can also get this basic phone stand by Lamicall. I used this one for a couple years before getting the one by Bestand.

Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub

I don’t think I will ever run out of USB ports with my setup, especially when I have the Anker 10 Port Data Hub. If you want faster charging (compared to the Satechi stand above), the data hub will cover those needs and more. This hub does require access to a power outlet but also plugs into your PC to double as a USB interface. I will use this hub primarily to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch, and external hard drives. Whereas the Satechi stand mentioned early is primarily for charging my Arctis 7 headset and Rival 650 mouse.

Google Home

To wrap up this list, we have the Google Home speaker. Google Assistant is often on the money whenever I need to ask a question. This adds to my multitasking capabilities if I need quick access to information.

That is about it for what’s on my desk. I am curious to know what you have on your desk, or recommendations to help me improve my organization or multitasking. And as always, feel free to reach out to us directly if you have content requests.

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