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Hi, welcome back. I am excited to bring you this week’s post all about my home desk. I spend quite a bit of time at my desk between journaling, blogging and playing The Sims 4. Dalton’s desk tour was filled with a lot of tech gadgets, which is more his style, where mine is more simple and aesthetic. Let’s see what’s on my desk to keep me productive and organized.

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Linnmon Desk and Alex Drawer Units


As Dalton mentioned in his version of this post (if you haven’t read that click here) we have very similar setups in terms of desks. We did this on purpose as our office is in a central part of our house and we wanted them to look uniform in the space. Also, we loved this setup as it has ample storage options in the Alex Drawers for all my journal goodies.

Monitor - ASUS VZ239H Frameless

I love this monitor for esthetic reasons. I wanted a white/silver monitor for my setup which is not easy to find, as well as for built-in speakers. I did not want to clutter my space with separate speakers. With that said, I would not recommend it for the built-in speakers as they are not very good quality.

Keyboard - Joyaccess Wireless Keyboard, White

I really like this wireless keyboard. It has all the necessary functions I would want on a keyboard. I also like that it has the side number pad as most wireless keyboards do not have that feature. It is basically the Apple knock-off and it works great. I highly recommend!

Mouse - Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850, Magenta Pink

I went through a couple of mice options before I found this one that has quickly become a favourite of my desk setup. It is very simple and small. I put emphasis on small as I have small hands. If you have larger hands, there are better options out there.

Headphones - Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

After finding out that my speakers on my monitor were not to my standard, I needed another option. I decided to make an investment in these wonderful headphones. I also bought them for our honeymoon to block out noise on the plane (it gives me anxiety). I say I invested in these because they are a steep price but in my opinion, totally worth it. The quality of sound for both music and movies is unreal. The noise-cancelling and ambient sound options are unmatched. All around I cannot say enough great things about these headphones.

Anker Power Port Wireless Charger

This little charging stand for my phone comes in handy when I am at my desk for a long period of time. I have it set up right beside my monitor so that I can look over at my phone if I need to reference it. A charging station for my phone is just a must on my desk.

Anker 4 Port USB Hub

I love having extra USB plugs at the ready. I am constantly needing to charge something whether that is my headphones, my camera, my watch and so much more. This was a must-have for both of our desk setups.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

I use this as my only source of light sometimes when I am at my desk. I love having this on when I am blogging or playing Sims. The dim orange light brings a sense of calm and relaxation. It’s been another essential for my desk setup. I have it in a smart plug so that I can turn it on from anywhere or have it turn on at a certain time.

Planner - Happy Planner

I have been a planner fanatic for as long as I can remember. However, I only found a happy planner a few years ago. I love their system with the disc-bound planners, so you can remove the pages and put them back in. It is so customizable, and they have something for everyone. I couldn’t find my exact planner, but this happy planner box is perfect for beginners.


Lastly, and arguably my favourite thing on my desk is my journal. I have been going strong with my journal since the beginning of the year. I love a thick page journal as I like to use glue, brush pens, etc. I need something that will hold up and not bleed through. Although this journal is dotted, I would prefer a blank canvas. It’s all your own preference and whatever you prefer to get your creative juices flowing.

I hope you found some inspiration for your home office. It seems that we will be spending a lot more time in these spaces in our homes. So, if yours has been neglected take this time to make it into somewhere you want to spend your time. As always stay safe and stay healthy.

Much love,

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