Why This Barber Company Is a Favourite

Rocky mountain barber company products

In lieu of Canada Day 2020 quickly approaching, I want to share why this barber company is a favourite. Rocky Mountain Barber Company brings a piece of Canada into each of their bottles and containers. Considering most of their products are “Made in Canada”, it not only feels good to support your own country but reassuring to use products you can trust. I previously featured Rocky Mountain in my “How Much Does My Face Cost” post, go check it out!

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Rocky mountain barber company shower steamer

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Shower Steamer: Who would have thought that I would enjoy a bath bomb for your shower?! I used to think bath bombs were overrated and considered them something I would never try. When I came across these shower steamers and read several reviews, I figured I would try it out. Turns out these things are awesome! It’s as simple as placing it in your shower and allow the water to hit it. The mint and eucalyptus scents help alleviate my seasonal allergies. You can easily change how quickly the shower steamer dissolves by moving it closer or further away from the water stream from your showerhead.

Rocky mountain barber company forest mint shampoo

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Forest Mint Shampoo: As mentioned in one of my previous posts, this shampoo leaves my scalp significantly less dry than other products. It’s got a consistent smell with the conditioner mentioned below so I don’t end up with a weird combination.

Rocky mountain barber company forest mint conditioner

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Forest Mint Conditioner: This conditioner is great not only for my head but for my beard as well. Since growing out my beard, I have been required to take greater care with it. And this stuff does the trick!

Rocky mountain barber company charcoal face scrub

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Charcoal Face Scrub: I recently changed facial scrubs to this one and I don’t think I will ever go back. You can feel some grit to the scrub but not excessive like other products I have used. Depending on the oil levels on your face, using this twice a week is likely sufficient. My face has never felt so smooth since switching.

Rocky mountain barber company pomade

Rocky Mountain Barber Pomade: This stuff is unbelievably flexible. If necessary, you can reapply a little bit of water later in the day to rejuvenate your look, unlike hair gel. I used to use hair gel which likely was one reason I had a dry scalp, due to its alcohol content. I switched to this pomade which has last me almost a year. You don’t need much pomade to get a firm hold. If you mix it with a bit of water in your hands, it makes it easier to work with and covers every surface of your hair.

Rocky mountain barber company sandalwood beard oil

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Sandalwood Beard Oil: As mentioned above, growing out a beard requires more work. With more work, you want to ensure you are using the right products to simplify your process. I cannot explain well enough how much I love the scent of sandalwood. It’s natural and smooth, almost replacing the need to use cologne. Plus it moisturizes the beard hairs!

Rocky mountain barber company sandalwood beard balm

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Sandalwood Beard Balm: Wrapping up my list of favourite products is the beard balm. This balm makes it so an unruly beard becomes a tamed beast. My beard naturally likes to go in all sorts of directions, but when applying some of this balm after a warm shower, my beard hairs stay where I want them to.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company has so many more products that I hope to try and review someday. Including their natural soap, beard wash and face moisturizer. If I get my hands on these products, I will share another update with my honest review. Until then, Happy Canada Day (soon) and I hope you all enjoy your week!

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